Incredible Animal Sculptures Made Out of LEGO!


One of our greatest memories as a child was opening up the latest LEGO kit we were given and feverishly put it together.  One of our worse memories (of course!) was stepping on a stray LEGO piece.  Yeeeoooouch!

Fully grown adult and LEGO superstar Sean Kenny is a self-proclaimed ‘Professional Kid’ that makes a living creating things out of LEGO.

For the last 10 years, Kenney has been creating contemporary LEGO sculptures for clients, corporations and venues around the world. He has also authored 8 best-selling children’s books about LEGO and created the popular LEGO fan community portal MOCpages.

Sean owns about 4 metric tonnes of LEGO pieces and says his heaviest sculpture weighs over 400 pounds.
Here’s some of our favorites LEGO creations from Sean. What’s your favorite?

lego-animal-sculptures-by-sean-kenney-1 lego-animal-sculptures-by-sean-kenney-2 lego-animal-sculptures-by-sean-kenney-3 lego-animal-sculptures-by-sean-kenney-5 lego-animal-sculptures-by-sean-kenney-6

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