The Cutest Shar Pei You’ve Ever Seen Poses For the Camera


Paddington might be one of the cutest dogs we’ve ever seen… with the exception of our mascot Fido of course.  He’s an adorable Shar Pei whose soft wrinkles make him look much older than his five years. His hooman, Tasmania-based owner Annie Jacob, highlights this fact by snapping delightful photos of him dressed in plaid jackets and reading glasses.

Fido has been Paddington’s number one fan on instagram for as long as he can remember, and he’s helped us pick some of his favorite Paddington pics:

paddington2 paddington5 paddington7 paddington10 paddington12

paddington15 paddington18 paddington21 paddington30

paddington31 paddington42 paddington43

(h/t MyModernMet)


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