Instagram Account Reveals Scenes From Famous Movies With And Without Special Effects

Have you ever watched an old movie with amateur special effects and laughed how ridiculous they look? Well, we guess the movie industry is the one that is laughing now, because nowadays special effects are so incredible, you watch a movie believing it's all real – only to have your expectations shattered.

One Instagram account that goes by the name movies.effects dedicated their platform to teach people about the power of CGI and how unbelievably these effects can change the entire movie. With over 398k followers this account finds unique never-seen before movie scenes and shows what happens before they are turned into magical shots.

But before you go any further, prepare yourself, because some of these before shots might change your entire understanding of the movie industry.

Scroll down to see them all!

  1. artFido

    If Hogwarts was real, there would be mandatory CGI classes. Because if not for the visual effects’ wizards, the magic of the silver screen wouldn’t exist. Yet, on the other hand, a wooden magic stick is cheaper than a team of experts with all the necessary equipment. That being said, Harry Potter films cost from $100 to $250 million each. The higher the price, the more revolutionary the effects, which paved the road for a new generation of CGI standards in the industry.

  2. artFido

    In 2016 the iconic boy of the jungles, Mowgli, was reborn. “The Jungle Book” offered a new and more realistic way of seeing Baloo, Bagheera, Kaa and others. Thanks to CGI everyone was able to encounter these jungle dwellers at a closer distance. The director Jon Favreau even received an award from P.E.T.A. for finding an innovative way to prevent exploiting and harming any animals for the production of the film.

  3. artFido

    Back in 1999, when “The Matrix” was presented to the world, it was applauded as a CGI revolution. The fights, the stopped bullets, the clones, the massiveness of the artificiality that looked so real was overwhelming. The movies’ cost varied from $60 to $150 million and even though some of the effects might look a bit aged today, no one can deny their legendary status.

  4. artFido

    Atomic Blonde (2017), is an American spy thriller film with a story that takes place in Berlin. And here's where the CGI comes in. The programmers had to recreate entire areas of Berlin. Traveling to Berlin and getting some aerial shots were not that easy, or in some cases, legal. The creators explain their decision logically: “Even if they were allowed to fly around in the skies over Berlin, it would have been 2017 Berlin of course so, we built the entire district from scratch.”

  5. artFido

    The Beauty And The Beast (2017) is another major step in the CGI books. The Beast, of course, is the beauty, if we’re talking about the effects. Yet not many know that The Beast was originally planned to be brought to life with just the use of prosthetic make-up. Eventually, CGI took over.

  6. artFido

    If you go and search ‘Quidditch’ on Youtube, you can easily see what the game of quidditch looks like when played by muggles. Thanks to CGI magic, we were granted the gift of witnessing something way more out of this world.

  7. artFido

    Back in 2006 the world saw Davy Jones, the infamous squid-captain for the first time, and everyone agreed - this is one hell of a villain. Considering the fact that the movie was made more than 10 years ago, the CGI that was necessary to create the ghastly-looking character, was revolutionary. It must have cost a fortune to create it, but that didn’t bother producers, as the movie wrote itself into the top of all-time highest-grossing films with an astronomical $1,066,179,725 in the box office.

  8. artFido

    Alice in Wonderland (2010) is a computer-generated film finished done mainly with green screens. Directed by Tim Burton, famous for dark, eccentric horror and fantasy films, the movie portrays the bizarre and fantastical world of Wonderland in a believable way. Ironically enough it was criticized precisely for its overuse of computer-generated imagery.

    Fun trivia: did you know that there's a syndrome named after the main character of the story? Alice in Wonderland Syndrome refers to a neuropsychological condition that affects perception. It manifests itself as distortions in visual perception wherein objects can appear smaller, larger, closer or further away than they actually are. 

  9. artFido

    You know you’re gonna have to use a lot of CGI if you’re about to make a movie about monkey warlords and monkey soldiers. Yet, this animal-based cast was extremely appreciated by P.E.T.A. which expressed its support by saying that the movie “proves that computer-generated imagery, or CGI, has no limits, offering powerful anti-captivity, pro-animal rights messages along the way.”

  10. artFido

    Deadpool 2 (2018) is pretty badass, even if we're talking about the movie itself, not about the character. 48 hours until the creators received the permission to make the movie, the budget for the whole project was cut down to $58 million. Yet $786,717,745 is how this movie's worldwide box office looks like. That's a success. Obviously, thanks to CGI.

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