The Times When People Had No Idea What They Were Looking At, But The Internet Knew What It Was Right Away

Say you find a coin. Say you have no idea if it's worth a million dollars or less than the leaf of grass you picked it up from. What should you do? Take a picture of it and post it on a subreddit called "What Is This Thing?" And it goes not just for coins. 

This community easily identifies missiles, slugs, nipple pumps; pretty much any thing they lay their eyes on. The subreddit is home to over 894,000 members and the number is constantly growing as well. 

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  1. artFido

    Answer: No Bush/Quail. 1992 election sticker.

  2. artFido

    Answer: USB charging condom. This way you can plug your phone into a random USB port and be sure that no data is exchanged. Only the power pins are passed through to the phone. Also called a sync stop.

  3. artFido

    Answer: Very early ceiling fan. The rope at the top would be pulled to create the back and forth motion to fan the air and keep flies away from the table during a meal.

  4. artFido

    Answer: It is a worry doll. You tell your worries to it, and put it under your pillow at night. It's supposed to take away your worries while you're sleeping.

  5. artFido

    Answer: Opium pipe

  6. artFido

    Answer: Spiders infected with fungus look like this.

  7. artFido

    Answer: Old windows were made of glass spun out into flatness. That's the center of the spin.

    New windows are made of glass floated on a pool of molten tin, which makes very flat panes without any annoying bullseyes.

    This is also the source of the myth that glass is a liquid and flows over time. See the center pane of your picture? Someone took the time to get a "good" pane for the center of the window, without any bullseye - put your best pane in that spot, obviously. But the glass is still of uneven thickness, getting thicker closer to the bullseye. So people look at panes like that, with thicker glass in one part, and decide that "hey, the glass must have started off perfectly flat and flowed over time". But no. The glass flowed when it was molten (1500 degrees C!) and does not flow at room temperature.

  8. artFido

    Answer: Its money from the Philippines when it was occupied by Japan in 1941.

  9. artFido

    Answer: If it's legit, that's a really old Gibson, from between 1903 and 1933. It's going to be worth more than you think, so be really careful with it. Seriously.

  10. artFido

    Answer: Tongue eating parasite (cymothoa exigua). Truly harrowing.

    Eats the fish's tongue and then takes the place of the fish's tongue.

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