Instagram Account Reveals Scenes From Famous Movies With And Without Special Effects

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    When CGI programmers create entire oceans, islands, continents, ships and undead armies for a single movie, the result can be quite expensive. In fact, Pirates Of Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, the fourth movie of the saga, was the most expensive movie ever. The cost of creating it reached $379 million, easily crowning it with this achievement.

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    No surprise that Davy Jones and his crew from Pirates Of Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (2006), receives attention more than once in a list, dedicated to CGI masterpieces. The flawless character will go down in CGi history books and it's easy to see why.

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    Back in 2012, when The world saw The Avengers for the first time, it became pretty obvious. CGI is here to stay for real. Every Avengers movie is either one of the most expensive movies ever, or one of the highest-grossing movies ever, or both.

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    Back in 1993, Steven Spielberg released what we now call a cinema classic - Jurassic Park, which won 3 Oscars and set a whole new standard for dinosaur movies. Interestingly enough, despite the dinosaurs being the biggest selling point of the movie, "Jurassic Park" features only 15 minutes of actual footage with the creatures, but its lasting effect on movies has been monumental. In addition to this, back in the 90s, CGI was still largely unproven in the movie industry and Hollywood was hesitant to gamble on high-tech special effects due to it being too expensive. However, it seems as if it really paid out as the film eventually became the 31st highest-grossing movie in the history of US cinema.

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    Interesting fact: the iconic Deadpool costume is actually a real, physical costume and is not generated by CGI.

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    Interesting fact: Visual effects were used for more various purposes than simply generating spaceships, monsters, and explosions. It was reported that the producers of this movie tested the effects to make white actors appear Asian.

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    Benedict Cumberbatch knows how to be in the right place and on the right time each time CGI technology advances one step further.

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    Avengers: Infiity War (2018) holds the record of the highest opening weekend and single weekend gross, which is a modest $640.5 million. Thanks to CGI, of course.

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    Once Thanos entered the big screen, he was quick to become as iconic as other Marvel villains. Maybe ever more. Yet his appearance did not convince all critics. Some even descrbed Thanos as "an eight-foot purple madman".

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    During the production of Terminator Genisys, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been cooperating with CGI programmers in order to recreate his current and younger CGI body models in order to create this movie.

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