Interactive Art Gallery Allows Visitors to Become Part of an Illusion!

island5This unique gallery lets visitors do more than just admire great works of art — they get to play with it, too. At Art in Island, an interactive gallery that occupies a former bus station in the Philippines, visitors can step inside paintings and take pictures with the optical illusions.

Each piece offers guests a different experience. At some stations, people can climb over the picture frame as if they’re in the portrait. At other stations, painted floors, walls and ceilings make it look like you’re part of an impressionist landscape. Other pieces include 3D elements that burst out of flat paintings, offering guests fun photo ops that make it look like they’re interacting with objects exploding out of canvas.

The museum is only a few months old – it opened in December 2014 — but it’s been a huge success so far due to its fun appeal. “The whole museum is painted so that it looks real, using the perspective and the depth of the painting,” says museum executive Blyth Cambaya. “Here, art paintings are not complete if you are not with them, if you don’t take pictures with them.”









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