LEGO Creates Slippers to End 66 Years of Stepping on LEGO Pain!

Let’s face it, unless you’ve lived under a rock all your life, you are well aware of the searing pain associated with standing on a piece of LEGO.

Fortunately, there is now a way to protect yourself from these domestic minefields: LEGO, working together with French advertising agency Brand Station, has invented anti-LEGO slippers! It only took them 66 years, too!

What do you think?


LEGOs are great, but they have one fatal flaw…


Stepping on them is one of the worst tortures known to mankind:


Fortunately, LEGO has invented a pair of anti-LEGO slippers!

anti-lego-slippers-brand-station-2 anti-lego-slippers-brand-station-8

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