Man Leaves Fake Animal Facts Around The Los Angeles Zoo


L.A. comedian obviousplant has done it again! This time the comic genius pranked visitors to the Los Angeles Zoo by placing fake animal facts in and around the animal enclosures.

Which one is your favorite?

funny-animal-facts-fake-los-angeles-zoo-obvious-plant-2-5776743e588ec__700 funny-animal-facts-fake-los-angeles-zoo-obvious-plant-3-5776744118a88__700 funny-animal-facts-fake-los-angeles-zoo-obvious-plant-4-5776744320022__700 funny-animal-facts-fake-los-angeles-zoo-obvious-plant-5-57767446233fe__700 funny-animal-facts-fake-los-angeles-zoo-obvious-plant-6-577674490c7b7__700

funny-animal-facts-fake-los-angeles-zoo-obvious-plant-7-5776744c094bd__700 funny-animal-facts-fake-los-angeles-zoo-obvious-plant-8-5776744fca78e__700

funny-animal-facts-fake-los-angeles-zoo-obvious-plant-1-5776743b0fd2b__700 funny-animal-facts-fake-los-angeles-zoo-obvious-plant-9-577674527364e__700

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