Miniaturist Creates Scenes Of Work and Play Set Amongst Office Supplies

Complaining online, whether through sarcastic memes or Tweets, has become something of an art form. In supremely satisfying Instagram vignettes, soon-to-become a photo book titled WORK, Figuratively Speakingphotographer Derrick Lin literally turns his gripes about corporate culture into art, rendering them as humorous scenes of miniature figures acting out relatable and universally aggravating work struggles.

Dozens of images within the book, to be released in October through Rizzoli, display Lin’s mastery of composing miniature scenes. A bus squashes a man atop an accusatory work email directed at Lin— a mini visualization of “being thrown under the bus.” A hand rests on a mouse, its fingers held aloft by little men, as a clever way to depict the stomach-gurgling feeling of hitting send too soon.


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