Mother Takes Darkly Humorous & Controversial Family Photos

Susan Copich is a photographer, actress and model from New York. When not in front of the camera, she finds herself behind it, creating fictitious, dark and domestic scenarios using herself, her daughters and her husband as the actors.

In her series “Domestic Bliss”, Susan has combined metaphor, irony and satire to create a dialogue around the topical subjects of family, parenthood and relationships juxtaposed within the larger context of current societal issues like gun control, suicide, class, and privacy loss.

According to Susan: “Staging each drama to look like a marketing campaign for an ideal life: bright colors, appeasing classic composition, beautiful clothes; the carefully constructed veneer becomes the tool to draw the audience to harsher realities of shadow and denial. The images ask the audience to come closer, laugh nervously or knowingly, acknowledge their own dark reflection, recoil, revisit and then rehash the experience later.”


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