Ombré Style Wedding Dress Trend Adds a Playful Touch of Color to a Formal Gown

Sick of the white wedding dress tradition?

While white might seem like the only choice a bride has when picking a wedding dress color, savvy wives-to-be know there are no rules when it comes to nuptials. The dip-dye trend is a vibrant alternative for these fancy garments, in which the skirts are colored in bright, celebratory hues. Also known as an ombré style, these pieces are business at the top and a party at the heels, adding a playful touch to a traditionally formal gown.

One advantage to this trend is that it can coordinate with the rest of the affair. A bride can match the dress to her bouquet or the overall color scheme and visually tie everything together. Although dip dye looks spectacular in one color, multiple hues can be used as a gradient to dazzling effect. The bride simultaneously stands out and blends in, her unique choice of dress another facet for guests to fawn over.

Check out some beautiful iterations of this trend below. And for those who enjoy DIY, Want That Wedding provides specific instructions on how to dip dye a dress.
Above photo credit: James Tang Photography


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