This is How Chinese Models Get Photoshoots Done So Fast

If you’re a fashion model in China who needs to pose for over a hundred outfits every day, you learn to work fast. Really fast.

Videos have surfaced showing how models pose rapid-fire style for the photos used on Taobao, China’s equivalent of Amazon. As a photographer continually snaps shots, the models “freestyle” through a large number of different poses. They can do about two poses per second, or 30 poses over 15 seconds of continuous photos:

Chinadaily reports that some Taobao models pose in up to 150 outfits in a day and make more than 700 poses. They’re given one minute to change outfits between shoots and a 10 minute break to eat lunch. The job is lucrative for top models, though: some reportedly make up to ‎元10,000 (~$1,500) for a single day of intense work.

Here are a few more videos showing this rapid-fire posing:


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