Photo Series Showing the Difference in Calories Between Desserts Made With Unhealthy & Healthy Ingredients

04 Blueberry tart

One of the most popular blogs we’ve ever posted showed what 200 calories looked like in different foods. Since this blog went viral all over the interwebs (15 million views and counting!), we’ve had our thinking caps on to find a suitable follow up.  And we think we’ve done it.

With the help of Jess at My Clean Treats, we’ve come up with a photographic series showing the dramatic difference in calories between the EXACT SAME dessert made with HEALTHY ingredients.  Yes, it can be done, and yes the “healthy” version tastes just as good as the “unhealthy” version.  And when you realize how much more of the “healthy” version you can have, it will taste even sweeter!

So feast your eyes on the following yummy desserts, with the corresponding “unhealthy” and “healthy” recipe listed underneath.  We’d like to thank Jess for her hard work, and look forward to a few more taste tests.  You can check out Jess’s website by going to and on Instagram.

Recipe 1. Peanut Butter Fudge

Left: UNHEALTHY (236 calories per slice) || Right: HEALTHY (94 calories per slice)
01 Peanut butter fudge


Recipe 2. Cherry Ripe Slice

Left: UNHEALTHY (302 calories per slice) || Right: HEALTHY (91 calories per slice)
02 Cherry Ripe Slice


Recipe 3. Jam Donuts

Left: UNHEALTHY (258 calories per donut) || Right: HEALTHY (89 calories per donut)
03 Jam Donuts


Recipe 4. Blueberry Tarts

Left: UNHEALTHY (513 calories per tart) || Right: HEALTHY (188 calories per tart)

04 Blueberry tart


Recipe 5. Double Chocolate Muffins

Left: UNHEALTHY (420 calories per muffin) || Right: HEALTHY (184 calories per muffin)

05 Double chocolate muffins


Recipe 6. Banana Bread

Left: UNHEALTHY (350 calories per slice) || Right: HEALTHY (106 calories per slice)

06 Banana Bread


Recipe 7. Chocolate Truffles

Left: UNHEALTHY (164 calories per truffle) || Right: HEALTHY (68 calories per truffle)

07 Truffles


Recipe 8. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Left: UNHEALTHY (336 calories per cookie) || Right: HEALTHY (116 calories per cookie)

08 Chocolate Chip Cookies


Recipe 9. Hot Chocolate Pudding

Left: UNHEALTHY (486 calories per pudding) || Right: HEALTHY (162 calories per pudding)

09 Hot chocolate pudding


Recipe 10. Ice Cream

Left: UNHEALTHY (367 calories per serve) || Right: HEALTHY (89 calories per serve)

10 Banana Ice Cream


See what 200 calories looks like in different foods:

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