Photographer Captures 500 Colorful Garage Doors in Lithuania


As we’ve shown you many times on artFido, art is everywhere. Even a worn garage door can be art if captured in the correct way. Photographer Agne Gintalaite proved this point in his latest series Beauty Remains, which he took in his home town in Lithuania.

As Agne explained, “On a recent trip to the IKEA that has recently opened up on the edge of Vilnius, I was surprised to see a sprawling garage town nearby. There I stood on Prusu Street with 500 garage doors staring at me, a relic from the past inviting me to engage with a world in which there was no IKEA, no conspicuous consumption, and cars broke down. I accepted their challenge. This is how this series of photographs of garage doors was born.”

Beauty2 Beauty3 Beauty4 Beauty5

Beauty6 Beauty7 Beauty8 Beauty9 Beauty10

Beauty11 Beauty12 Beauty13

(via MyModernMet)

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