Photographer Documents His Children Enjoying Summer in The Countryside


Adrian Murray is clearly one busy guy. He’s a photographer, an artist, a light room expert and an author.  Despite wearing all of these hats, he still finds times to be the world’s best dad, as his latest photo series clearly demonstrates.

Meet Emerson and Greyson – Adrian’s sons – who are two years and one year old, respectively. Over the Summer, Adrian took his boys on a number of different excursions which involved animals and teddy bears, and splashing around in a few puddles. These images are the results of some of those many experiences.

According to Adrian, there isn’t any major photoshopping involved with these images since the goal is to capture the genuine magic of their childhood, not to fabricate it.

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Photos-of-my-Childrens-Summer__880 Photos-of-my-Childrens-Summer1__880 Photos-of-my-Childrens-Summer2__880 Photos-of-my-Childrens-Summer3__880 Photos-of-my-Childrens-Summer4__880 Photos-of-my-Childrens-Summer5__880 Photos-of-my-Childrens-Summer6__880 Photos-of-my-Childrens-Summer7__880 Photos-of-my-Childrens-Summer8__880 Photos-of-my-Childrens-Summer9__880 And don't forget, if you're looking for a piece of original art to hang on your walls, check out artFido HERE!


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