Photographer Captures the Diverse Range of Body Types of Olympic Athletes


As we’re well aware, women and men come in all shapes and sizes.

This saying has never been so apparent than in New York photographer Howard Schatz’s latest series of photographs, which documents the amazing diversity of body types of USA Olympic athletes.

Short and tall, muscular and slim, big and small – almost all body types are captured by Howard.

All in all, Howard photographed 125 American athletes who have competed in both the Summer and Winter Olympics for the USA. They are all contained in his book called “Athlete”, in collaboration with his wife Beverly Ornstein, an award-winning producer and senior editor. The book is available for purchase here.

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(via MyModernMet)

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  1. So does the artist know you not only stole their photos and reposted them on your own site (which has ads that make you money), but that you also included an Amazon affiliate link, which also nets you money and removed his watermark?

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