Photographer Captures Vertigo-Inducing Images From The Roofs Of Skyscrapers

‘Rooftopping’ is an on-going photo series by Tom Ryaboi, in which he scales towering skyscrapers to capture vertigo-inducing images from a death-defying perspective. Ryaboi’s images show him and his friends performing terrifying feats like dangling their feet over the edge of buildings, balancing on narrow ledges, and hanging from rails—while also showing the backdrop of a beautiful urban cityscape.

“Sitting on a roof of a skyscraper in the core of the city, and everything slows down, the sounds from the busy streets are muted and the speeding cars and people below become small and inconsequential,” he told My Modern Met. “What becomes prominent is the sheer beauty of the city, the rising columns from the ground to the sky, the bridges and highways and the rest of the infrastructure that pulls it all together.”

Check out his photos below, or click here to view more.

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