Photographer Takes Amazing Portraits Of People Living on the Streets

We first happened across the stunning photography of Lee Jeffries when he tagged some of his photos to #artFido on Instagram. We were immiadetly in awe. Lee photographs homeless people to show the humanity that they possess.

According to Jeffries:

“When you see a Lee Jeffries image, it’s not a document of the life of a homeless person. It’s much more than that. It’s a metaphysical testimony of humanity, faith and spirituality. It’s born from love and a connection to another human being. Her… and the homeless people I meet.”

You can also see Lee’s work on Instagram.


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black-white-homeless-portraits-lee-(8) black-white-homeless-portraits-lee-(9) black-white-homeless-portraits-lee-(10)

black-white-homeless-portraits-lee-(11) black-white-homeless-portraits-lee-(12)


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