Classic Painting Subjects Inserted Into Modern Day Life


In a different take on the ‘classic paintings remade’ series we’ve featured a couple of times recently, Ukrainian artist Alexey Kondakov unites the past and present by giving characters from classic paintings the chance to explore our modern world.

Alexey uses Photoshop to insert vintage muses in stores, on buses, on stairwells, and in the midst of urban alleyways for his ongoing series titled The Daily Life of Gods. Each image perfectly juxtaposes the paintings’ soft lines and subtle coloring with the harsh, blunt elements of urban locations.

The artist was first inspired to launch this project after observing the paintings of Caesar van Everdingen. “I realized that the heroes of these masterpieces were simply looking to spend quality time [together], like us,” Alexey says. From Cesar van Everdingen’s Bacchus to Caravaggio’s David and Goliath and William-Adolphe Bouguereau’s Nymphs and Satyr, Kondakov seems to be covering all his bases as he continues to use art history as a rich source of inspiration.

Classic1 Classic2 Classic3 Classic4

Classic5 Classic6 Classic7

Classic8 Classic9 Classic10

(via My Modern Met)

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