Photographic Series Shows What Happens When You Stop Drinking


We’re constantly told that everything should be done in moderation, and this is especially true when it comes to the consumption of alcohol.

It’s a well known fact that too much alcohol can cause high blood pressure (which increases the risk of a heart attack or stroke), lethargy, can contribute to you becoming overweight, as well as a multitude of other health related issues.

While it is obviously difficult to go ‘cold turkey’ and give up the drink for good, this photo series shows the amazing visual results of doing so. Of course many of the people featured in these before and after photos complimented quitting alcohol with a balanced diet and exercise, the pictures nevertheless show us the dramatic difference the alcohol can make to your mind and body!

[Above image: 7 months sober by Ghostbackwards]

#1: 2 Years Sober



#2: 8.5 Months Sober



#3: 6 Months Sober



#4: 1.5 Years Sober



#5: 2 Years Sober



#6: 1.5 Years Sober



#7: 300 Days Sober



#8: 1 Year Sober



#9: 1 Year Sober



#10: 5 Years Sober



#11: 99 Days Sober



#12: 7 Years Sober



#13: 416 Days Sober



#14: 1 Year Sober


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  1. #3 had red spots on his face. A few others had slightly noticeable blotches like I did. I had a biopsy and psoriasis was starting to cover my body. They would crust over and flake, I felt very depressed because a previous injury prevents me from being the person I used to be and these hideous spots just made me want to drink more. My enzymes shot up to over 300 (40-70 is a normal range) and I was told I had fatty liver and that if I didn’t stop the liver would scar and I’d die eventually. I didn’t quit completely because saying “I’ll never drink again” is a promise that I couldn’t make so I would only drink a bit every now and again when I thought it would be appropriate vs chugging Bacardi 151 every night. My enzymes went down to 83 in 6 months and the psoriasis has faded to only a few spots. My diet has not changed, the only thing I decided to change was my drinking habit.

  2. Yea i’m not sure I can’t call total misleading BS on this. While I’m sure it’s good for you to quit drinking forever and ever, the difference between going to the bar once every few weeks, and never, is not going to be remotely as significant as these pictures, not to mention 90% of them are because of diet.

  3. Bullshit misleading title….these people obviously completely changed their lifestyle, of which alcohol may have been only a minor part….this site always posts bullshit “poster feel good stories” as some kind of art…..never shows anything real.

  4. Lots of heartless and cruel comments here. Walk a mile in my or these peoples’ shoes and then come back and criticize what you are seeing here. Let me tell you something – I used to be on the left. Overweight, puffy, sick, tired. After I quit, I did start exercising and eating better. It did lead to an overall change in my appearance. Not just because I wasn’t pouring poison down my throat anymore, but because I started to care about myself again, and didn’t want to die all day every day. I smile again now. I take care of myself. I have hope. So before you talk about the lighting, or clothes, or hair color, or whatever BS you want to use to explain the differences, know this. It doesn’t matter what you think of me or any of these people. We like ourselves again. That’s why we look different now.

    1. I am on the left, and your example is extreme whining nonsense. Not everyone drinks because they hate themselves and their lives and want to die. So no matter what, the article is completely misleading. If these are legitimate alcoholics, like the dude lying in a hospital bed, then they’re obviously going to see a benefit from quitting. For the 99% of us who don’t spend our entire day every day drinking alcohol, the case is going to be completely different. My overweight puffiness has nothing to do with alcohol at all, it’s from being unemployed for 2 separate stretches at a time, and being sedentary all the time even when employed.

      Those of us who are functional adults who rarely ever drink, it’s not going to be even close to the same scenario.

    2. There is so much of this that is true. There is hardly anyone who has quit drinking – from an alcoholic level, that doesn’t go from let to right. One of the reasons is the alcohol induced edema. Something you all should know is that you cannot quit drinking WITHOUT changing a whole lot in your life. You must get away from your drinking buddies, and the places you frequently with them. Sometimes these are close friends as well as drinking partners.You must have a reason that resonates with you in order to quit, as they say you have to be sick and tired of being sick and tired. Thanks for dragging people back from their judgements.

  5. <3 It's all about knowing how to love yourself again. Don't be mean… Just be happy they look fabulous and learned how to love themselves and others by sharing. <3

        1. How many people do you know that are “drinkers” that have only one 12oz beer a day? Go sit in a bar for a few hours and see what some of these people are drinking. 1000 calories for a “drinker” isn’t hard to hit in a single day. 120 calories per shot? Drinking a mixed drink? Soda? Juice? That’s all added to the calorie count.

    1. Yes, the article is obviously misleading.

      It would be a much fairer comparison if the same lighting and camera were used to photograph each person for one.

      It would produce even better results if the people participating had to only cut out alcohol and change nothing else about their everyday life, then we would really see the difference involved with sobriety, not the different lifestyle changes that come with becoming sober.

      At least change the title to, “Photographic series shows what happens when you stop drinking (and pursue an exercise regimen).

    2. Diet? You don’t need to diet to drop weight when you quit drinking. Depending what you were drinking, and how much, some of these people were probably cutting out more than 1000 calories a day just on the alcohol, and when they stopped destroying their liver, it can actually produce what it needs to to break down fat, stabilize your metabolism and give you more energy.

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