Pimping Out Snail’s Shells to Prevent Them Getting Squashed


Snails are adored by photographers and kids alike, perhaps because of the beautiful homes they carry on their backs all the time. Unfortunately, even those sturdy homes can’t protect them from people who unknowingly step on them. Some improved visibility might save their lives!

To save these creatures from our boots, some compassionate people started to paint their shells. When these snails’ shells are colorfully painted, it’s hard to miss them crawling around. If you want to decorate your garden snails’ shells be sure to use non-toxic paint only, and try not to scare the snail too much or she may crawl out and leave her house behind!

It all may have started when someone noticed this little snail passing by an apartment complex


Some people do it just for the sake of art, but it still saves a lot of lives:


painted-snail-shell-4 painted-snail-shell-6

Most animals try to avoid bright colors, as they signal danger and mean that the animal may be poisonous, so the paintjob may even protect them from other creatures

painted-snail-shell-7 painted-snail-shell-8 painted-snail-shell-9 painted-snail-shell-12 painted-snail-shell-13 painted-snail-shell-14 painted-snail-shell-15 painted-snail-shell-16 painted-snail-shell-17 painted-snail-shell-20 painted-snail-shell-21 painted-snail-shell-22 painted-snail-shell-23 And don't forget, if you're looking for a piece of original art to hang on your walls, check out artFido HERE!


5 responses to “Pimping Out Snail’s Shells to Prevent Them Getting Squashed”

  1. Leave the fucking snail alone! Has the person who painted these snails any idea of the implications for reproduction, introducing toxicity into the snails biological system, increasing the chances of predators being able to see them easier etc.

    Start thinking critically about thing as it does less harm!

    1. Katie Harbord Avatar
      Katie Harbord

      Have you even read the article?! It clearly states that she used non-toxic paint and was sure not to disturb the snail too much. It also explains that predators avoid bright colours because it suggests the animal is poisonous, so the snails are actually less likely to be eaten.

      YOU should start thinking, or at least read the bloody article before you get your knickers in a twist over it.

  2. I wonder if this makes them more obvious to other predators though. And if the paint penetrates through
    and could make them sick, like with hermit crabs? Hope it’s non-toxic at least. Might also encourage kids to take them from their homes and keep them as pets.

    1. How about reading the article?

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