Portraits and People of artFido’s European Artist Showcase

Michael Moore

The entries in our European Artist Showcase are coming thick and fast. From lions to leopards, dragons to demons, we’ve already received hundreds of submissions from all over the world. And, as with our previous artist showcases, there are a few consistent themes that emerge. Horses are always a popular subject. As are celebrities, pop musicians, actors, politicians and sports stars. But this showcase, the European Showcase, seems to be all about portraits. And the exciting thing is that they are all different. Some abstract. Others realistic. Many, in between. All worth checking out. Not all of the artists who have submitted their work to the European Artist Showcase will be remembered for their art, but that’s not the point. All of them have something to say and an interesting way to say it. And we’re glad they’re saying in through us!

Here’s just some of the portraits we’ve received so far. Enjoy. Then check out the rest here.

artFido European Artist Showcase

Alexandra Bellas Rafaella Roseta Madalena Ginosati Luqman Reza

Courtney Myers Christina Ridgeway Amy Gaudion Carmen Gomez Aguirre Paulo Pinto Tula Moutzoglou Nicky Irvine Laurie Masters Eman Alrashdi Rebekah Codlin Amrit Singh Sandhu

Steve Pham Luna Kirsche Rodney Thompson Christine Perry Maynard Butteriss Georgia Tzouli

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