NSFW: Swiss Performance Artist Attends Art Basel Without Clothes

Milo Moire

When Bar Rafaeli appeared completely nude on the cover of Esquire, was it performance art? Possibly – she did have an actual artist named Stephen Victore paint the words of Stephen King on her body. Is the above photo? Absolutely, at least according to Milo Moire, a performance artist and psychologist based in Duesseldorff, Germany.

A few days ago, she decided to strip down to nothing but words – the names of the articles of clothing she normally would be wearing. Then she walked outside, down the street, onto a bus, and lined up for a ticket to Art Basel, the extremely exclusive event that happens every year at the intersection of Switzerland, Germany, and France. Along her 1-hour journey, men and women stopped, stared, smiled, took pictures, and generally let her do her thing. Until some authority at Art Basel ordered her to put on some clothes or leave.


Why exactly? It’s a piece of performance art called “The Script System”, which she described on her official blog (via Google Translate):

The performance “The Script System” is inspired by the script theory of cognitive psychology. Each of us knows these scripts (eg restaurant script), recurrent, stereotyped action sequences, after which we work every day. Especially early in the morning on the way to work, we work almost automatically, often without awareness of our environment. These everyday blindness I wanted to break through my performance. The Invisible (Invisible or become) make visible distribute such disorders as spores for a liberating thought.

While you think on that really thoroughly, we’ll throw one more abstract detail at you: her last name – Moire – is a scientific term for “a secondary and visually evident superimposed pattern created, for example, when two identical (usually transparent) patterns on a flat or curved surface (such as closely spaced straight lines drawn radiating from a point or taking the form of a grid) are overlaid while displaced or rotated a small amount from one another,” according to Wikipedia. It all sort of fits together, though we have no idea how or why. But we do know art when we see it.

Milo MoireMilo Moire

Milo Moire20a



Milo Moire

Milo Moire

Milo Moire Milo Moire Milo Moire

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115 responses to “NSFW: Swiss Performance Artist Attends Art Basel Without Clothes”

  1. Noblelox Avatar

    Daddy issues…

  2. Jessi Sunkel Avatar
    Jessi Sunkel

    If her whole act is centered around “Women’s rights” why doesn’t she have hair anywhere? (armpits / genitals) All of these things that “have to be hidden” were all created from a Man’s World perspective… even the high-heels..

  3. I love it. Sadly, if she did that in the US, I imagine she would have been harassed, assaulted or arrested long before she got anywhere. I did want her shoes to match her bag though.

  4. jackster12 Avatar

    P.S. If she’d opted to go with “PURSE” instead of actually carrying one, where would she have kept her phone?

  5. you never see a really unattractive woman do this lol

  6. This is my biggest nightmare! Being naked in public!

  7. Bulshit. This kind of art its so old and she didn’t do nothing new. Why she take off clothes? To present “perfect” body?Pfff I dont see any message in this performance. But maybe on her foot is an advert brazzers or something like this.

  8. Ramiro Ramirez Avatar
    Ramiro Ramirez

    What is just trying to prove? Art? Her body may be a piece of art because she is really hot. I would like to see if she dares to walk naked when she is 50 years old. Nobody will pay attention to her. So, show your “art” now that you have a perfect body

  9. seems juvenile and childish…like “look at me, me , me with my cute titiies, I am making art everyone, look at my ass! I am making important art by shaking my tits and bending over so you can see my cute little pussie.

  10. Who said that? Avatar
    Who said that?

    Done before and not even artistic.
    I preferred the vagina phone charger at Art Basel personally – at least it made a creative statement about the purpose of women’s bodies.
    What does this art say that pushes the limits? It just perpetuates the belief that women’s bodies are for the male gaze. And that’s only been demonstrated in every advertisement we’ve ever seen, like, ever. Where is the art?

  11. Wonder if she would have pulled that stunt if she wasn’t so butt-slammin’ hot. The glasses are a nice touch to boot. Jesus H. Christ…. she’s showing off her stuff.

  12. TheNoobyNinjaHD Avatar

    How does this shit /not/ get removed from Youtube

  13. How is this art ? If I were to shove a bunch of paint up my ass and shit it out over some paper would that be considered art because if so I guess I’ve been doing my art all wrong

  14. Bardak Abrama Avatar
    Bardak Abrama

    грязная шлюха…

  15. Ashley Hiltz Avatar
    Ashley Hiltz

    how is this art? Art doesn’t have any meaning anymore. Now you can put a rock in an empty room and call it art. Yeah art is open to interpretation but art is something unique and takes still to create an artwork. Art back then required skill…you had to have a talent for it. Everyone can make “art” but there’s only a few who are artists. A naked girl walking down the street with different articles of clothing written on her isn’t art. Yeah art is always about being different and thinking outside of the box but if you encourage this type of art then everyone will be walking down the streets naked….and that’s not the kind of society i want to live in. If a naked women is walking down the street…they think of you as an object…not a respectable human being.

  16. this is sad- just go out naked and u are an artist./..do something better than fake boobs and lips, this is just pathetic:)

  17. Len Avarfon Avatar
    Len Avarfon

    She is hot.

  18. ..why didnt she just write the word “shoes” on her feet?? she shouldnt be wearing shoes. Exhibitionist and u call that art?? gawddddd

  19. Marcin Avatar

    I like that kind of Art :)

  20. Soluciones Pacificas S de R L Avatar
    Soluciones Pacificas S de R L

    Why are women around the world walking around naked and calling it “art”?
    I dont understand. I know art is everything and all that, but this is just plain uncomfortable.

  21. antifa Avatar

    get into a bus in india naked if u want to do a feminism act or art f@#$ @#$@ ..not in sweden.. Dafuck is that LOL

  22. charkar Avatar

    so..if she wasnt so “fuckable” , fit , well trained with nice boobs , she would never have done art , but now she is considered as an artist and gaining fame.she makes art like a playboy girl but being puplished by alternatve media giving her the “artist status”.no offence to playboy girls they doing their jobs consiously and have much more respect by me than this chick here..I love u Playboy :))))

  23. Guau!!!…esta rebien!!..

  24. HEYHOU Avatar

    What about shoes?

  25. taschange Avatar

    If that’s her art- a way of self expression..then I give her an F, lol…I would have loved more artistic fonts for the text..and as for fake boobs…shame she has to alter her body to feel artistic, :P She got her precious minutes of fame..then we move on and learn from this silly excuse for art, LMAO!!

  26. Ifgaf who you are. I you walked by me like that I’d beat the shit out a you.

  27. whatever Avatar

    yep, plastic boobs. it would be more of an art piece if she’d go out with an ordinary plain body. this just looks like exhibitionism.

  28. Let’s see a guy do that. He’ll be in hand cuffs so fast his head would spin.

  29. Afino Avatar

    she should walk without heel and write on her foot “heel” :D :D

  30. Parody Avatar

    Looks better with her clothes on..

  31. In ym opinion it is an ironic joke (piece of art) that makes people see how stupid they act, spending hundreds of dollars on clothes while you could simply imagine them as if they were there and look much sexier.
    Also that’s to tell people that you can see clothes differently, because if you walk around naked like being naked is normal and having clothes on is the stupid weird thing then you begin to think differently.

  32. Go get a job in the porn industry you fucking piece o’ plastic shit.

  33. Rolfent Avatar

    Try that in Teheran or Kaboul and maybe it could be Art (or suicide)

  34. James Dean Avatar
    James Dean

    Really ? Wearing shoes ?

  35. Tits MaGee Avatar
    Tits MaGee

    This isn’t art at all, it’s just attention seeking.
    If she was overweight everyone would be disgusted.
    If she hadn’t waxed her vagina everyone would be disgusted.
    If she hadn’t done her face/hair everyone would be disgusted.
    If she hadn’t got plastic barbie tits everyone would be disgusted.

    Its just exhibitionism of her own good figure, and not the body naked in its imperfections.
    ‘Oh I painted some letters on in english oh it’s art’

    1. She didnt even paint them herself.

    2. swincepatrickfeladio Avatar

      All art is attention seeking.

    3. just an opinion Avatar
      just an opinion

      I don’t mind pubic hair. In fact fully shaved disgusts me. Fake breasts while pleasing to look at are fake nevertheless.

  36. chombrus Avatar

    Dem elbows

  37. sahar Avatar

    So why? !

  38. Matthew Reddish Avatar
    Matthew Reddish

    Why the shoes?

  39. ugly fake tits

    1. you wouldn’t get any better, don’t worry.

  40. Shareef Abdul-Rahim Avatar
    Shareef Abdul-Rahim

    why she have shoes??

  41. Antwerks8 Avatar

    Sorry, no clothes but still hiding behind her FAKE BOOBS. She would have never done this without them.

  42. This is bullshit…seen a 100 times before, no message, no creativity, no fucking ART! …its fucking embarrassing.

    1. Christopher Lopez Avatar
      Christopher Lopez

      the message was written on her body. i think the effectiveness of the message was obfuscated by her nudity. But there maybe where something shall be found but overall i wasnt drawn into discovering what that was since the activity of walking to the museum was so banal and uneventful. Perhaps the act would have been more complete had she been pepper sprayed and taken down like American police officers would do and then accidentally shot with the excuse that she was causing a dangerous distraction to everyone needing to be stopped by a swat team…

  43. Jacob Slatter Avatar
    Jacob Slatter

    “Ce ne sont pas les seins”

  44. Adam El-Nagar Avatar
    Adam El-Nagar

    Public Indecency is a crime in most self-respecting countries. If a man did this, he would have been either arrested, or given far more hassle in the street. This is misogyny against men, perpetuated by these men-hating fake feminists. In most decent countries, she woulda been arrested for walking around in public naked, but apparently because she has a vagina, it’s “art”. Yes she’s a good looking woman, but this is beyond retarded, it’s not art, it’s not pro-feminist, it’s just a weird attention seeker with (clearly) no other area’s of talent.

    1. Andrzej Kozłowski Avatar
      Andrzej Kozłowski

      Misogyny means ‘hatred against women’, so ‘misogyny against men’ is an oxymoron. The word you need to use in this case is ‘misandry’.
      On the general topic, I share your views.

    2. As a feminist, I don’t consider this feminist at all. She is fake. In more than one way. And this is absolutely boring.

      1. It’s not boring. She’s incredibly sexy. All she needs to be a perfect copy of mother saint sweet cathrina baby god of krishna goat and all other godesses is a Dry Martini. And I think you need one too.

        1. and I think you don’t.

    3. whatever Avatar

      feminists don’t hate men.

      and this doesn’t hurt men, even though i agree it’s dumb attention-seeking.

    4. cyabud Avatar

      Although you are of course entitled to your opinion, I struggle to see why someone walking around naked is considered indecent. Nakedness is our natural state.. it may not be art but it’s certainly not indecent and shouldn’t be an arrestable offence. If seeing someone naked makes you feel uneasy, you probably need to spend more time getting comfortable with your own naked body before passing judgement on others.

      1. TheByQ Avatar

        So you will be completly ok with me wiggling my sausage in front of your kids?

        1. cyabud Avatar

          It wouldn’t bother me if you happened to walk past them naked, no. Just don’t wave it in their faces please.

          Telling children that their genitals are something they should be afraid and ashamed of, particularly in public, is what causes our entire society to feel so uncomfortable about nudity and sex.

    5. It’s legal for women to go topless in Canada. Stop overreacting you rube. Anytime a woman does something controversial guys in the comments come out of the woodwork to harp about how women are horrible because their last couple gf’s screwed them over. Just enjoy the video. This woman is stacked and has long legs, what more do you want. Learn to enjoy the simple pleasures in the world.

    6. Chantelle Avatar

      Wow, how very close-minded of you. Although everyone’s allowed an opinion, assuming that this was started by “men-hating, fake feminists”, is ridiculous. Just because you have an opinion, doesn’t mean you’re ‘right’. Yes this is considered art to some and not to others. You wouldn’t know a piece of art if it slapped you across the face. Which I would lovingly do.
      -Yes, this is a view from a 16 year old. Someone who has more intelligence than an older male. “(clearly)”.

      1. TheByQ Avatar

        Try to masturbate and repeat that walking naked is art, because it’s clearly your boner talking. Art is something you create, something you can (and should) show to children. This is a view from a 18 years old.

        1. cyabud Avatar

          With a name like Chantelle, I’m assuming a boner is out of the question.

    7. Not accepting nature and making a problem out of our natural bodies is the source of many of our societal problems.

  45. ?apelqbeO Avatar

    The art here must be the artificial silicone in her breasts. It would have been unacceptable if a man did this.

    1. hova. Avatar

      Are u kidding me? I don`t think we men have to change sth. but the women have. and pls explain what the silicon has to do with the performance – right, nothing.

      1. Nothing is what this “performance” is all about! Try and convince me this is art. Go ahead.

      2. ?apelqbeO Avatar

        So you have to hear me explain what the silicon has to do with the performance… ok:

        She, like most women, had low self-esteem, so she bought herself a new pair of titties. Just to be more fitted into the mainstream picture. Then she is walking around naked in public, like all the other women did before, and just because she is a female – the consensus is that the female body is beautiful and art (explanation: just because), and the male body is sickening and vulgar.

        Since she has tightened up her little titties with some silicon, now she has the Self Esteem 2000, and she can be art. Wow, isn’t that beautiful?

  46. Clemens Avatar

    FRAUD!! She’s wearing shoes!

  47. Silverback Gorrilla Avatar
    Silverback Gorrilla

    Her shit is getting really old. Get a real job, you hippie!

  48. Kasia Białek Avatar
    Kasia Białek

    fake boobs fake lips FAKE FUCKING WHORE!

    1. Frizbit Avatar

      Jealous, I think so.

      1. ?apelqbeO Avatar

        Stop making ridiculous accusations because someone just points out the obvious.

        1. hova. Avatar

          uhm. please tell me, why is she a whore? why are u judging her without knowing her? ur so conservative and blockheaded.

          1. ?apelqbeO Avatar

            She sells her body for internet popularity.

            That is why she is a prostitute, a whore, a skank, a slut, a person whose body can be more valued in money than anything else, a person with no self respect, an attention whore, and everything is fake about this whore.

            Conservative and blockheaded are just further accusations because you don’t have any arguments. To give it right back at you:

            Please tell me why she is not a whore?

          2. Anonymous Avatar

            Why is any woman a whore?

            Sexual promiscuity doesn’t have all the negative connotations that it did in the past and that is what most of you conservative, close-minded people can’t see. Sure, I personally would prefer a partner without a lot of sexual history, but that is due to health reasons. This was not the case in the past, because if you were not a virgin you are unfit to be a housewife, and it is clear that you and many other people in the world still think in this medieval way.

            It is obvious that this woman has more confidence and self-respect than average to go out in public naked, more than you ever will probably. Now I’m not going to make up a meaning of what she is doing, because everyone has a different opinion, but your hate shows that you are arrogant enough to think that your moral standards are better than anyone else’s.

            Oh an one last thing, anything that occurs in nature is natural by definition. Everything that you see around you is natural, because it occurs in nature: food, cars, homosexual behavior, silicone. They are all natural.

          3. I guess she bought the self-respect and confidence with the new body! Hurray for consumerism and trying to be someone else! I don’t care what she does with her body but I don’t get why she should be praised for it. How is this something to be proud of? What is the message? That women’s only value is to look good naked, extra points for fake tits? If it’s a protest then there are more clever ways to do it. Not by showing you’re a sell out to your own gender.

          4. BruceD13 Avatar

            “Please tell me why she is not a whore?”

            Because she’s not having sex for money. There is a difference between a stripper and a whore.

  49. billybob69 Avatar

    That was rather brilliant.

  50. Shibuta Avatar

    Silicon in her breasts!!!

    1. hova. Avatar

      and now? whats the problem?

      1. Soluciones Pacificas S de R L Avatar
        Soluciones Pacificas S de R L

        I guess is not so natural afterall?

  51. Kathi Zauberpony Avatar
    Kathi Zauberpony

    She’s Hot ;) like her boobs xD Fake Boobs are awesome

  52. 8/10 would bang

  53. spyan Avatar

    Attention starved try-hard. Ridiculous.

  54. Guest Avatar

    Think we got some nice boobs over here…

  55. roamingfreesd Avatar

    All in the nude yet she still hides behind glasses…?!

    1. Anon E. Mouse Avatar
      Anon E. Mouse

      Some of us need those to see, you cretin.

  56. Alexander van Terheyden Avatar
    Alexander van Terheyden

    makes a change to see a hot artist

  57. Acouphène OfChaos Avatar
    Acouphène OfChaos

    Easy for a girl with perfect body to be nude in public. Why not a fat women ? For art…. lol

    1. BeastmanAIDS Avatar

      Perfect body? I wonder if she would have done this before she had her fake tits bolted on.

    2. cyabud Avatar

      Why not? People should celebrate their bodies as much as possible. It is, after all, the greatest tool you will ever have at your disposal. Be proud (even if you’re fat or have fake tits).

      1. SmokedTurkey Avatar

        She is saying that a fat person wouldn’t be able to get away with that. People want to see this chick, not a fat person so even if a fat person wants to celebrate their body society doesn’t want them to.

        1. That’s a little presumptuous of you. I would watch nude performance art even if it was performed by someone overweight. Why not? It might even be a positive way of alleviating the stigma overweight people suffer at the hands of people like you trying to speak for everyone and making sweeping generalisations about society as a whole. Which society are you talking about anyway?

          You’ve profoundly misunderstood performance art if you feel you need to be physically attracted to the performer in question to appreciate the art.

          1. SmokedTurkey Avatar

            Yes it’s presumptions when you miss the point of what I am saying, but reading through your comments and it seems that you tend to not really follow what people are saying but rather a portion of it and then make an incorrect assumption based off the half of the information you let in and not the other half you kept out, which is kind of important.

          2. The point being made was that someone less attractive might not have done this. I was disagreeing with your assumption that no one wants overweight people to celebrate their bodies. I am a member of this society you speak of and I happen to disagree. You should probably try to avoid speaking for everyone if you don’t like it when those who disagree – but who you claim to speak for – come along and voice their opinions.

          3. Louis Ham Avatar
            Louis Ham

            Yeah for real. This Ferret fellow seems like a complete tool.

    3. No one wants to see that kinda art as John Waters proved in his 70s cult film ‘Pink Flamingos.’ He portrayed really trashy people and some call it the first “reality” style of filming. He casted really fat and absurd characters for his films to go against cultural norms. Showing the duplicity of societal standards.

  58. Z0MBiE Avatar

    she went for a walk without clothes on. so what. you’re such a boring twat, art.

  59. Manuel Avatar

    She is slammin’ hot. Bet she has a perfect pussy.

  60. This has to be a content marketing stunt for plastic boobs right?

    1. hovy. Avatar


    2. Thats what I’m thinking

  61. Birkardo Avatar


    1. not really…

      1. Greg Quinn Avatar
        Greg Quinn

        You ghey bro?

      2. AshenTech Avatar

        paperbags do wonders

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