Realistic Japanese Animal Lollipops That You Can Lick!


These realistic animal artworks by Shinri Tezuka will fool you. At first glance, they might look like they’re only sculptures, but they’re much more than that. His creations are edible! Tezuka practices amezaiku, which is the Japanese craft of artistic lollipop-making, dating back to the 700s. Now, in his small shop called Ameshin, the 26-year-old produces these incredible candies and also holds workshops and demonstrations for the public.

Fish, frogs, and octopi are some of the creatures that Tezuka makes by hand. They are highly detailed, and he even includes the small ridges on fins, bulging eyes, and subtle variations in color. These tasty lollipops are made from sugary syrup, starch, and organic coloring, but they look almost too good to eat.

Ameshin is located in Tokyo, so if you find yourself in the Asakusa district, check out the store. Tezuka sells his candies for between 1000 – 2000 yen.






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