Rings That Become Animals When 3 Pieces Are Put Together

Bangkok artist “m e r r y m e” is the creator of the 3 ring, a set of rings that can be assembled into animals!

They are sold in sets of three rings that, when worn together, make an animal. Some, like the crane, should be worn all on one finger. The squirrel set, however, should be worn on different fingers, to make it look like the animal is chasing a nut.

What do you think? You can find more info on merryme’s Etsy store.


three-piece-animal-rings-merryme-daintyme-thailand-2 three-piece-animal-rings-merryme-daintyme-thailand-3 three-piece-animal-rings-merryme-daintyme-thailand-4 three-piece-animal-rings-merryme-daintyme-thailand-5 three-piece-animal-rings-merryme-daintyme-thailand-6

three-piece-animal-rings-merryme-daintyme-thailand-12 three-piece-animal-rings-merryme-daintyme-thailand-13 three-piece-animal-rings-merryme-daintyme-thailand-14 three-piece-animal-rings-merryme-daintyme-thailand-15

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