See Paintings by Vincent Van Gogh So Close You Can See the Cracks in the Paint!

If you haven’t had the time (or the money!) to visit the many amazing art museums around the world, Google gives you a chance to catch up on your art education. Its new feature – eloquently titled the Google Art Project – allows you to virtually explore over 40,000 images, gathered from more than 40 countries. All of the images are contributions from various museums, ranging from classic to contemporary art.

What is more, besides allowing you to browse through the galleries, the Google Art Project also keeps some of the images in the gigapixel format. This allows you to zoom them in to the extent where you can see the details you’d probably miss in the museum! For those who’d like to get more background information about the artworks, there are numerous video and audio explanations, guides, expert comments, maps and much more.

The project features more than 150 artworks by legendary Dutch post-impressionist Vincent Van Gogh. Here’s a selection of some of his paintings, zoomed in to demonstrate one of the project‘s feature and show you some of the smallest details and strokes.

Dive right in!

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1. The Starry Night


2.Enclosed Wheat Field with Peasant / Landscape at Saint-Rémy

3.Poppy Field

4. Olive Orchard / Olive Grove


5.Wheat Field with Cypresses


6. Self-portrait

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