SEXandTAKEOUT: a Voyeuristic Photo Series by Sarah Bahbah


As the saying goes, “Pizza is a lot like sex. When it’s good, it’s really good. When it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.”  Australian photographer and creative Sarah Bahbah has taken this notion to a whole new level with here series #SEXandTAKEOUT.

According to Sarah, “Sex and Takeout was inspired while I was travelling the States with an old lover, we ordered way too much Chinese takeout and devoured fried rice and noodles from those Styrofoam takeaway containers while watching the Flinstones in bed. We found ourselves having many indulgent junk food moments, like getting into an Uber at 1am just to go through a Drive Thru McDonalds, then coming home and watching Breaking Bad till dawn. These moments were so special to us, where it was just us two, not giving a f**k, eating what we want and being in our most natural state, while in each others arms. I wanted to capture these moment of intimacy and indulgence by creating and recreating intimate experiences that everyone can relate too, whether it be between a one night stand, two lovers, ‘special’ friends or even an individual.”

Want to know where you can get your own #SEXandTAKEOUT?  You can follow Sarah on her WEBSITE and on INSTAGRAM.

Oh yeah, and Sarah’s much better than good.  She’s awesome.




BEHIND THE SCENES FOOTAGE: We were lucky enough to tag along to one of Sarah’s latest shoots for a Valentine’s Day #SEXandTAKEOUT special. You can check out the results below, in a behind-the-scenes video by Jackson Grant and music “Glass Animals” by Gooey (Wild Culture Remix).












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