Some Kids Graffiti-ed This Man’s Garage Door. His ‘Revenge’ is Simply Awesome!

Some wannabe graffers tagged all over redditor Elusive92‘s garage door hired local graffiti artist “Lake13” to come and create a work of art over the graffiti tags. When life gives you lemons terrible graffiti make lemonade awesome art!





vandalized_door_art_05 vandalized_door_art_06 Hopefully the local graffiti writers respect this work of art and don’t come back to tag all over it…and if so, we're sure Lake13 can work his magic again! And don't forget, if you're looking for a piece of original art to hang on your walls, check out artFido HERE!


4 responses to “Some Kids Graffiti-ed This Man’s Garage Door. His ‘Revenge’ is Simply Awesome!”

  1. Michelle Jennine Avatar
    Michelle Jennine

    hahaha i love it! Actually, I was kinda diggin the original frog king sketch too!

    1. was his as well

  2. That looks graffiti proof.

  3. Nature is the coolest when painting or spraying it’s a pity Derby didn’t have it done looks so bad with shut shops in the area.

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