Light Hearted Paintings by an Unknown Denmark Artist Called S.E.M

Following on from Banky’s recent “New York Residency” during October (read HERE), one would be forgiven for thinking that “to make it” in the art world, you need to have a huge support team with tens of thousands of dollars to splash around to get yourself noticed.

It’s been a breath of fresh air, therefore, to have discovered the wonderfully light-hearted paintings of Denmark artist S.E.M.  Like Banksy, nobody knows who SEM actually is, but unlike Banksy, S.E.M doesn’t need to use fancy tricks and big budgets for art lovers across the world to fall in love with his beautiful paintings.  For S.E.M, it’s all about the art, and the art alone.

Here are some of our favorite works by S.E.M. According to his Facebook page, some of these works are still available for sale, so if you love them as much as we do you have to check them out! You can also see S.E.M’s works on Instagram HERE.

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