Son Shares Photo Of His Dad, Sad That No One Is Coming To His New Donut Shop, It Goes Viral And People Flood The Shop

Starting a new business is a commitment that comes with a certain amount of risk. No matter how hard-working, passionate and skilled you are, the customers are never just guaranteed to come and it is estimated that some 20% of small businesses will fail in their first year.

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    Billy By, from Missouri City, Texas, was heartbroken to find that his dad’s brand-new donut store, Billy’s Donuts, wasn’t getting any customers at its grand opening. The donuts looked delicious (they are donuts after all), the shop was bright and sparkling new, everything was ready for a successful start to Billy’s Donuts. All that was missing were the people.

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    Billy’s dad, being from an older generation, perhaps didn’t know the importance of social media for marketing in this day and age. Billy does though, and he took to Twitter to share a pic of his dad looking ‘sad’ about his predicament.

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    Now, social media gets a lot of stick at times, bringing out the very worst in us as we shout at each other obnoxiously and say things to each other that we never would in real life. But it definitely has its good side too, as people can come together for a good cause and help someone in need, fostering a real community spirit.

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    It didn’t take long before the online buzz turned into a physical one as people started queuing up to get their hands on Billy’s donuts. While some online campaigns have attracted criticism for promoting ‘slacktivism,’ defined as “the practice of supporting a social cause by means such as social media, characterized as involving very little effort or commitment,” this was the real deal.



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