Son Shares Photo Of His Dad, Sad That No One Is Coming To His New Donut Shop, It Goes Viral And People Flood The Shop

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    And it wasn’t long before demand overtook supply, and Billy’s donuts were completely sold out. The kolaches were apparently a particular favorite for many.

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    Billy’s original tweet now has over 325,000 retweets and over 700,000 likes, as people banded together to give this family-run business a boost. People started showing up at the shop in huge numbers, and Billy’s dad sold out so rapidly that his delicious donuts became a highly sought-after prize. “So delicious..mmmm” People wrote, also describing them as “the best ever.” Billy further helped out his dad’s visibility by starting an Instagram page full of mouth-watering pics, which already has 100k followers just a few days later.

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    The feelgood story shows just how social media sites like Twitter can be harnessed for good, rather than the divisive rhetoric that the platform has become better known for. Such was the positivity around Billy and his dad’s business, some Twitter representatives couldn’t help but head over and try some donuts themselves.



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