Stunning Street Art by L7m That Blur the Line Between Realism and Abstraction


For many years, we’ve admired how Brazilian street artist L7m paints gorgeous portraits of birds. His murals are always full of color and have a palpable energy, and he’s recently brought that same intensity to the streets of Paris and Vitry in France. L7m’s newest pieces blur the line between realism and abstraction, adding in aspects of both to produce stunning artwork with vibrant details.

In each painting, L7m portrays a clear portrait of a bird’s head and uses brilliant pinks, purples, and blues to accent the feathers. He then surrounds these realistic depictions with visual chaos. At times, it mimics the creatures in motion while also adding decorative splendor. Long brush strokes and scribbled lines interact with one another to form clouds of both confusion and beauty. When positioned against their realistic counterparts, it’s as if L7m’s birds are peacefully navigating their way out of the pandemonium.








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