Terminally Ill Woman Taken by Ambulance for One Last Visit to a Museum


Viewing artwork can be a comforting, moving experience, and one you might not easily forget – even on your last days. This past Tuesday, a terminally ill woman was taken by ambulance to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam so that she could visit the arts and history museum one more time. She’s seen taking in a self-portrait by Rembrandt and was accompanied by two other terminal patients.

This touching event was made possible by Stichting Ambulance Wens (translated: Ambulance Wish Foundation). They’re a Dutch organization that fulfills the last wishes of non-mobile, terminally ill patients. This could mean a visit back home (if the person is in hospice), a trip to a favorite city, or another meaningful locale. They have a fleet of custom ambulances with 200 volunteer medical personnel, and have realized almost 6,000 wishes since 2007.


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