The Artist Who Illustrates Everyday Life With His Wife Announces They’re Having A Baby

We all love illustrator Yehuda Adi Devir and his wife Maya so much (see here, here, and here), that it’s great news to hear that the couple are having a baby.

Documenting every joy and hardship along the way, Yehuda has perfectly captured what it takes to create life. “I think the reason people like [our comics] is because they identify with them and relive the beautiful moments that were important parts of shaping their own relationship,” Yehuda said. “Readers see their life […] and feel that they are not alone… There are other people somewhere in the world who are just like them, who experience ups and downs in their relationships [as well] and it gives [them] a sense of relevance.”

Scroll down to check out what they’ve just been through.


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