The Mesmerizing Art of Hand Making Pasta!


If you’re into your cooking as much as us, you’ll know there’s nothing more satisfying than sitting down to a home cooked meal that you’ve slaved over the stove for hours to prepare.

There is definitely an art to cooking, as you are about to see from food artist Miyuki Adachi. Adachi is one of a shrinking number of cooks who still makes fresh pasta by hand even as more consumers turn to factory-manufactured dried varieties.

Miyuki is the lead pasta maker at a Toronto restaurant, and expertly mixes, kneads, and shapes dough into a variety of pasta types, from tubular garganelli, to the delicate ear shapes of orecchiette, to non-traditional double fusilli corkscrews.

We. Just. Love. It. All!

Sorry in advance for the forthcoming food envy…

miyukiadachi1 miyukiadachi2 miyukiadachi3 miyukiadachi4 miyukiadachi6 miyukiadachi7

miyukiadachi8 miyukiadachi9 miyukiadachi10 miyukiadachi11 miyukiadachi12 miyukiadachi13

miyukiadachi14 miyukiadachi15 miyukiadachi16 miyukiadachi17 miyukiadachi18

(via My Modern Met)

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