The Nearly Frozen Slurpee Waves of Nantucket

Jonathan_Nimerfroh 05

The record-setting winter of 2015 has left a lot of America with all kinds of remarkable images, most of them of snow and ice. But a photographer in Nantucket, Massachusetts, found something most of us have never seen – nearly frozen waves.

Jonathan Nimerfroh was walking along a beach on the island recently when he saw these waves rolling in like slush. The waves were semi-frozen because there was so much ice inside them. He took several pictures and shared them with WBZ-TV chief meteorologist Eric Fisher. “It looks like a big Slurpee rolling ashore,” Fisher said.

You can see more incredible photos on Nimerfroh’s website

Jonathan_Nimerfroh 01

Jonathan_Nimerfroh 02

Jonathan_Nimerfroh 03

Jonathan_Nimerfroh 04

Jonathan_Nimerfroh 06


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