The “Rapunzel of Horses” Conquers Internet with Her Gorgeous Blonde Mane

Storm, an eight-year-old Haflinger mare from the Netherlands, has become a star on social media networks like Instagram thanks to her long, wavy locks.

24-year-old student and entrepreneur Naomi Beckers bought Storm from her previous owner two years ago after falling in love with her incredible hair, which interestingly, closely resembles her own blonde, curly locks. The gorgeous mare hadn’t had her hair cut since she was only two-years-old, and she already had a decent number of social media fans when Naomi got her. So she decided to set up a new Instagram account where Storm’s human admirers could follow her progress, but never imagined it would become so popular. Storm’s Instagram now has nearly 42,000 followers, making her one of the most popular horses on the photo-sharing social network.

“I was planning to post a few pictures on it from time to time, but people kept asking me when I would post another photo,” Naomi told Bit Magazine. “It is actually a bit out of control, but I think it is very nice that it has grown so much!”

Haflinger horses are renowned for their long, beautiful hair, but Storm’s is longer than most. When she was about three years old she already had wavy locks that passed her shoulder and her owner decided to let the hair it grow even more, only braiding it for protection. Storm’s hair has kept growing over the last six years and today it measures over one meter in length, earning the nickname “Rapunzel”, after the famous children’s story character.


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