This Pilot Got So Bored During 2-Hour Test Flight, He Wrote It In The Sky

Long flights can be boring, even for the pilots themselves. One recently qualified pilot from Adelaide, Australia was testing out a single propeller plane’s new engine this Tuesday and the trip got so dull, he decided to reveal his true feelings for all of those watching. The pilot for Flight Training Adelaide, flew out of South Australia’s Parafield Airport after he was given the assignment to run the aircraft’s engine at a specific power setting for two hours. As the plane got closer to Port Broughton, northwest of Adelaide in South Australia, he wrote the words ‘I’m bored’ on his tracking device, and apparently, not only that. Upon closer inspection, the note revealed something a bit more cheeky – two small phallic-like symbols stood proudly below the words. Sadly, the phrase, which took dozens of kilometers to spell out, was not visible from the ground, only on the tracking device.


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