These Dogs’ Before And After Haircuts Will Make Your Day

Pet photographer Grace Chon took to the Internet to share an absolutely adorable series titled, “HAIRY,” and you’d better be glad she did.

The photos showcase the cutest dogs before and after a haircut. So, need I say more? Or are you about to burst with excitement already? Yeah, I thought so!

These aren’t your average grooming sessions, either. These dogs were groomed in a Japanese style that involves hours of hand scissoring to complete, Chon tells us.

“These cuts are works of art,” Chon writes—and I’d have to agree with her.

Now, enough talking and let’s see the puppies, shall we?

Biggie Smalls Before

Biggie Smalls After (grooming by Cameron Adkins)

Rocco Before

Rocco After (grooming by Patricia Sugihara)

Herman Before

Herman After (grooming by Cindy Reyes)

Raider Before

Raider After (grooming by Koko Fukaya)

Lana Before

Lana After (grooming by Koko Fukaya)

Athena Before

Athena After (grooming by Donna Owens)

Teddy Before

Teddy After (grooming by Donna Owens)

Yuki Before

Yuki After (grooming by Alyson Ogimachi)


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