This 30-Year-Old Just Discovered How Ridiculous The Imperial System Is, And Can’t Believe Not Everyone Is Using The Metric System

Every time US citizens dare to complain about their weather, people who live outside the states usually mock them for their use of Fahrenheit, since pretty much no one else knows exactly what temperature it is they’re describing. But the temperature scale is not the only measurement that has people around the globe confused. Why? Because the USA uses the imperial system while most of the world uses the metric system.

As a system of units, the imperial system was first defined in the British Weights and Measures Act of 1824. It was later reduced and refined, however, most of the countries that used it (the British Empire and their colonies) have since moved to the metric system. Well, not our dear ole states. They simply switched some things up, slapped the label “United States customary units” on it and went on their merry way. Still, doesn’t mean it’s not going to confuse the rest of the world.

Well, it surely confused one Twitter user, Innes McKendrick, who went on a rant after taking a closer look at some of the measurements. “The reason I made the horrific discovery was a paragraph in Mike Clelland’s Ultralight Backpackin’ Tips book: ‘The math here is all done in ounces. With 16 ounces to a pound, conversion gets a little tricky otherwise, unlike that ingenious metric system.’ Obviously, I was floored. SIXTEEN. Wow. I guess I figured it would be about 12, but never bothered to check given that I’m more than adequately served by the universally superior metric system,” McKendrick said. He also went on to explain that he’d not be coming back to the topic of the imperial system as he feels he does not possess the “mental fortitude to take a second look”. Scroll down below to read what he had to say, and don’t forget to tells us what you think in the comments!

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  1. One Twitter use decided to take a closer look at the imperial system and it sent him on quite the rant


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    McKendrick is a video game programmer and calls himself “universally unknown,” but says this isn’t the first time he has caused a stir on the internet. “If anyone is aware of me it’s probably because of a time I got really angry about egg cups, or time I started a petition to be able to drink the cursed liquid found inside an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus. Which failed. They didn’t let me drink it.”

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    As the thread continues McKendrick provides more evidence as to why he calls the system a “sadistic horrorshow of mismatched measurements and illogical divisions.” Perhaps a strong reaction to some but as he told the outlet, “Just look at the imperial system Look at it. I would say, if anything, my reaction was not strong enough.”

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    To add fuel to the fire McKendrick said the thread had prompted some people to reach out and share their knowledge, “People keep trying to tell me more about the imperial system, which is obviously beyond awful for me. I’m getting DMs from men who really want nothing more than for me to memorize the conversion between different imperial units (I won’t) or to admit that Fahrenheit is at times a more useful system (it isn’t),” he said.

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    An oxgang or bovate is a land measurement that was used in England and Scotland in the early 16th century. This measurement averaged 20 acres or eight hectares but could also be as low as 15 acres or 6 hectares. The measurement refers to the amount of land one ox could till in a plowing season.

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    For people who thought the reason for his anger had to do with math itself he clarified that that was not the issue “I’m not baffled or incapable of basic maths. I absolutely do not need help understanding imperial measurements. I fully understood, from one glance at a conversion chart and another glance back to our decimal number system, that imperial is an utter shitshow and I’m far better served by the excellent, consistent and logical metric system.”



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