Unusual Café In Seoul Will Make You Feel Like You Just Walked Into A Cartoon

It might look like an optical illusion.

But this is a real life cafe in South Korea cleverly designed to give customers the distinct impression that they’re inside a cartoon.

Cafe Yeonnam-dong in Seoul opened last year and everything inside from the decor to the furniture and crockery have a striped black-and-white cartoonish aesthetic.

The small, yet cosy, cafe is said to have taken inspiration from the Korean TV hit W – Two Worlds, where the main characters can enter a fantasy webtoon world. Owner Eunjin Lee told us: “We created the cafe because there was nothing like it in Korea, or even the world. We tried to make a very unique concept. That is why we chose this style.”

The cafe is especially popular with young people eager to give their Instagram feeds a cartoon upgrade.

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