Using the empty beaches as a huge canvas with the only help of a rake

I’m a 42 old french artist living in Biarritz, where I practice an uncommon art , by definition land art, but also what I call “beach art”, a bit compared to street art which is part of my influences. 

Using a rake, I draw at low tide huge frescos on the beach.

It is a way for me to turn a usual place, naturally, to disseminate a thought, get people to look at their environment in a different way and make them ask questions. 

My work is characterized a geometry and poetry that makes us stop and reflect on the magic of a moment, our relationship with nature, and the very essence of our beings.

It is also an area of expression beyond standard that few media can provide. 

I actually drew in 11 countries and more than 60 different beaches.

My work is double since once the sand drawing is completed, I took shots in the different angles that gives me the cliff overlooking the beach before the tide erases all within hours. I try to capture nature’s fleeting, ephemeral beauty. create a certain atmosphere in the picture, improve the poetry and create a real second artwork.
Part of this large work is collected in a series of  photos digitally printed  on brushed aluminum for the specific light, produced in limited copies.
I hope you will enjoy them and find the beauty everywhere around you.



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