When Art and Technology Mix – Realistic Painting Using an iPad by David Kassan!

In an age of post-abstract representational painting, Brooklyn-based artist David Jon Kassan‘s stark realism separates him from the pack. With a critical eye for anatomy, he expertly captures the subtle nuances of his subjects through the use of oil on panel, charcoal, and graphite in his life-size paintings and drawings.

David recently tried his hand at using technology to create an artwork, with stunning results.  Using nothing but his finger, an iPad and the $2.99 Brushes Ap, David created a spectacular portrait of actor Henry William Oelkers. It took David 3hrs to complete the portrait, using a variety of virtual brushes. This has been condensed down to a wonderful five minute timelapse video here:

Comedian Stephen Fry, an Apple aficionado, tweeted about the video to his millions of followers after spotting it on YouTube.

So the debate continues: Technology vs art. Art vs Technology. Will technology help or hinder art?  These are the questions we will ask ourselves as we fly through this technologically driven decade. We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

While you’re pondering this question, enjoy some of our favorite non-digital paintings from the very talented David Kassan:

The Artist’s Mother

david kassan ipad portrait 3


Head Study, Oil on Wood Panel

Dale, Oil on Wood Panel

Approaching Noise, Oil on Wood Panel

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