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artFido North American Artist Showcase

artFido is less than two years old. Yet in that short amount of time, this little puppy has developed quite a bark, becoming one of the most visited art-related sites in the world. In fact, by total visits we now rank in the top 0.01% of all websites globally and in the United States we rank even better. Pretty impressive.

Yet we are not satisfied. We set out to be the biggest and best art sales and auction website in the world, and we’re dedicated to reaching our goal. So, being the tenacious upstart we are, we’ve changed. We’ve internationalized artFido even further. Now when visitors arrive at they’ll find prices listed in their national currency and sizes shown in the appropriate scale (metric or imperial). They’ll also enjoy the ability to search for artist by country. Better for buyers. Better for sellers. Better for art.

artFido North American Artist Showcase

To make the most of these changes and to celebrate our significant growth in North America, we’ve partnered with Professional Artist magazine and launched artFido’s first North American Artist Showcase. Through the Showcase, entrants have the opportunity to share their art with an audience of millions and compete for grants of up to $1000; thirty artists will be profiled on this blog and across our website, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest  accounts; and one lucky artist will win the chance to have their art featured in Professional Artist magazine.

artFido was created to help artists across the world share and sell their art online. With our rapid growth, the further internationalization of the website, and the launch of our first North American Artist Showcase we are doing just that.

If you know an artist who’s trying to get their name out there, tell them about and our North American Artist Showcase. Because at artFido, we’re dedicated to bringing art to everyone.

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artFido North American Artist Showcase

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