The Most Popular Street Art Pieces of 2014


StreetArtNews has just revealed the 25 most popular street pieces of 2014. With little to no surprise, Banksy takes the #1 spot with his spy stencil mural that was painted in Cheltenham, home of the UK Government Communications Headquarters.

The year’s ranking takes us around North Africa, Europe, North America and Asia, offering a superb variety of style and imagery from some very talented artists that you definitely need to keep an eye out for.

See below to discover our full 2014’s ranking and then let us know in the COMMENTS section which are your favorite street art pieces of the year.

1 – Banksy – UK


2 – iHeartStencils (I Love Stencils) – Canada


3 – Pejac – France

Ants 1

4 – INTI – Spain


5 – Bikismo – Miami


6 – C215 – France


7 – Borondo – France

P1400172 copy

8 – Strøk – Italy


9 – DFace – USA


10 – Deih – Spain


11 – Etam Cru – Italy


12 – Invader – Hong-Kong


13 – ROA – Tunisia


14 – Smates – Belgium


15 – Fin DAC – USA


16 – Blu – Italy


17 – Bicicleta Sem Freio – USA


18 – Florentijn Hofman – Taiwan


19 – Ernest Zacharevic – Malaysia

18. IMG_7040

20 – Saner – Tunisia


21 – Nychos – Austria

20140318_170511_resized (1)

22 – Ella & Pitr – Portugal


23 – Bordalo II – Portugal


24 – Hopare – France


25 – Alexis Diaz – Canada

photo 1

And for something equally as amazing, check out this Simpsons and Pink Panther Zoetrope! Wow!


And don’t forget, if you’re looking for a piece of original art to hang on your walls, check out artFido HERE!

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  1. 5 of these I like for street art of the year

    Both Fin DAC and Alex Diaz creations look like pen and
    ink drawings and I appreciate how difficult a look that is to create with paint. Bikismo’s
    chrome dog is excellent and realistic looking and C215’s amazingly captured a
    cat’s likeness with spray paint which is hard to accomplish with just pencil
    and paper. So my number one pick is Smates realistic dog and water, it does not
    speak out on any injustices, just a beautiful piece of art work.

    Runners up are
    INTI’s pretty artwork but I have no clue to its meaning. Pejac’s was funny in a
    remembering what it was like to be a kid burning ants with a magnifying glass.
    I love stencils hits home with the child and cell phone with fb likes, simple
    graphic conveying meaning, just cannot compete with the luxurious paintings on
    walls around the world.

    Finally our
    main man Banksy is always thoughtful, insightful, showing us something and I
    like the way he incorporates things like the satellite dish into his graphics and
    I think that street artists like Banksy and I love stencils are a different
    kind of graffiti artist than Bikismo or Smates. Even the artist Bordalo II from
    Portugal is sort of a sculpture/painter and to me is not the same thing as
    street graffiti artists like Banksy or I love stencils.

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