Cai Guo-Qiang at QAGOMA With an Amazing Installation “Falling Back to Earth”

When we last featured Cai Guo-Qiang’s amazing installations (see HERE), it proved to be one of the most popular blogs we’ve ever written. We were therefore extremely excited to learn that Cai is back with an even more spectacular installation entitled “Falling Back to Earth” at the Queensland Art Gallery of Modern Art.  Our favorite two works of the exhibition were “Heritage” and “Head On”.

In Heritage, Qiang has installed 99 replicas of animals from around the world – including pandas, tigers, kangaroos and zebras – all gathered together to drink from a single waterhole.  According to Qiang, this image came to him while visiting North Stradbroke Island, off the coast of Brisbane. The waterhole actually contains real water, as you can see in the final few seconds of the footage below.

A Herd of 99 Lifelike Animals Drink From a Pool at QAGOMA sculpture installation animals

A Herd of 99 Lifelike Animals Drink From a Pool at QAGOMA sculpture installation animals

We were also excited to see our previously featured “Head On” on display. As previously blogged about HERE, “Head On” consists of 99 life-like wolves (yes, the number 99 is one of Cai’s running themes!) constructed from metal wires, painted sheepskins and hay, running as a pack through the length of an empty white room, only to crash headfirst into a glass wall, to then fall stunned and lifeless to the ground.


The exhibition runs from 23 November 2013 through to 11 May 2014.  If you find yourself in Queensland, Australia for any reason during this time, it is a “do not miss” event.

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  1. Nowhere do I see mentioned what kind of fur(s) are used to create the replicas. Are they natural (please tell me NO!) or artificial? Ny thumbs up/down, Tweet, Like and Share rest on the answer to that question.

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