The Funniest Wildlife Photos By Award-Winning Austrian Photographer

Julian Rad, a wildlife photographer from Austria, features the most lovable wildlife shots of squirrels, hamsters, and foxes that you’ve probably ever seen. 

We recently came across his work on Instagram and instantly fell in love with his adorable, funny images. Back in 2015, he won the renowned Comedy Wildlife Photography Award with his image of a running hamster, titled "Rush hour".

Scroll down to see some of our favs and be sure to upvote and comment on your favorites!

  1. artFido

    Possibly a reincarnation of Scrat the saber-tooth squirrel from Ice Age in his latest pursuit of the acorn, and by acorn we actually mean this nut. Also - striking a majestic yoga pose while at it.

  2. artFido

    Lost in meditation this squirrel seems to be making a wish on a flower - "oh, please please please, let my days be filled with nuts and acorns!"

  3. artFido

    After an intensive session of teaching Squirrel Yoga to the whole forest populace, a proper hydration is a must! Even if it's just a handful of tiny droplets.

  4. artFido

    Just a friendly passing-by squirrel from a neighboring forest. He seems to be caught on a casual stroll collecting flowers worth of a bouquet.

  5. artFido

    We all know that acrobatics comes with a certain risk. However, we believe that this time the risk is worth the delicious raspberries he's about to take!

  6. artFido

    "Holy acorns! This fluff tail, the fur, and the button black eyes.. truly, an incarnate of perfection! Where have you been my whole life?"

  7. artFido

  8. artFido

    This little squirrel seems to be no stranger to the wonders of winter. Though, she built herself a companion, she seems to be contemplating whether or not her frosty friend truly needs a nose...

  9. artFido

    Breaking news! A fox catches another fox on camera, and seems like the latter has plenty to say. We wonder if this encounter was coincidental, or perhaps a secret rendezvous planned all along?

  10. artFido

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