Performance Artist Walks Naked Through Gallery Holding a Baby For Art?


There’s a clear theme running through the works of performance artist Milo Moiré… nakedness.  We’ve previously seen her sans clothes in her controversial work “Plop Egg” where she inserted eggs into her vagina to create a plop artwork (see HERE), and we followed her as she walked to Art Basel with the names of her outfit scrawled across her naked body in black marker-pen (see HERE).

The black bars are out again hiding her important bits in her latest work titled THE NAKED LIFE – How little abstraction can art tolerate?  In celebration of the exhibition “The naked life” in the LWL Museum of Art and Culture, Moiré held a baby and looked at the nude paintings in the exhibition and, because of their own nakedness, became a part of it.

According to her website: “Moiré challenges the fundamental attitudes towards abstract and figurative art. Isn’t a painting depicting natural themes itself an abstraction? What could be the absolute motif of an exhibition dedicated to the naked life, an exhibition which appeals to specific sensory experiences? In keeping with the approach of the artists exhibited, Milo Moiré brings everyday life to art. And yet, she goes one step further in removing herself from the abstract form of representation and shows her main motif of the naked life: A naked infant safe in the arms of a naked woman. This direct confrontation with live nude art challenges others to reflect on familiar forms of perception. How close may a form of representation in art approach real life?”

So this brings us back to the recurring theme when it comes to Moiré’s body of work (pun intended)… is it ART? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!




MM_nackte_Leben_6 (1)


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65 responses to “Performance Artist Walks Naked Through Gallery Holding a Baby For Art?”

  1. Dado Bent Avatar
    Dado Bent

    It would have been more interesting if Joseph Beuys walk through with his dead rabbit QQ

  2. Heloneida Avatar

    It only distracts the viewer for a few seconds from the beautiful paintings.

  3. Coinoleum Avatar

    The sexual frustration here is hilarious. She is hot. I have been with women with bodies like that, and for all the clowns complaining, it is as good as it looks. Sorry you never had a chance. I love looking at her. I don’t really care if men can’t get away with doing it.

    Men and women complaining about her actions are simply losers. The women are ugly, the men are repressed gay or frustrated.

  4. Lell Gee Avatar
    Lell Gee

    Ummm woman a little too much in love with herself and her fake titties wants everyone to look at her…..

  5. To those who consider this art because the pictures she’s looking at contain nudity… the “art” is in the artist’s expression, technique and interpretation of the subject he/she chose for the piece itself… not the subject. So the fact that the artist chose to portrait nudity doesn’t make it more artistic than portraying dressed people. There’s no “double standard” in portraying nudity and banning actual nudity in a public space.

  6. Noblelox Avatar

    If this is art, so is me smearing poo all over the bathroom wall. Also, that is not her baby. I would respect is a smidge more if she had actually given birth to the child, and it was some personal statement, rather than a crass publicity stunt.

  7. mitchelldoit Avatar

    I believe it shows the hypocrisy of our culture when all of the art she is looking at contains nudity, yet she is viewed with disdain for being nude. She is making a point and exposing society’s assumed righteousness concerning nakedness (and always identifying it with sex) I like her performance art and take it for what it is.

    1. Coinoleum Avatar

      “Righteousness” is just a facade for jealousy, sexual frustration, and repressed homosexuality.

  8. That’s so ridiculous!

    You americans are so afraid of nipples and pussy, but weapons are ok everywhere!
    :D :D :D

  9. Fer Rullan Avatar
    Fer Rullan

    Advertising 101

  10. Fer Rullan Avatar
    Fer Rullan

    Whore passing through

  11. SmokedTurkey Avatar

    Well I guess I’d actually like to see all of her naked… know cause were here and all, even if her tits are fake. So the fact that she obviously has had plastic surgery tells me to a degree that she is just looking to show off. As for me, see her as art? uhhh, hell no. As an attractive woman that is tickling those lower parts of my brain, yes.

  12. Jane Doe Avatar
    Jane Doe


  13. Desperate lady seeking attention!!!! Buy a puppy ma darling!!!!! She should have been frog marched out by the police. There are children walking about and this should never have been allowed to happen!

    1. SmokedTurkey Avatar

      OMG a kid might see a naked human! Think of the consequences! The horror, Imagine the wars caused by this! Ahhhhh if only that kid hadn’t seen a unclothed human!

  14. I might have considered it Art if she was actually the mother of the baby, showing what an actual mother’s body looks like after pregnancy.

  15. Kanna Das Avatar
    Kanna Das

    If this is Art, then it is the most inexpensive form to popularise oneself. It is amazing nudity still gets the attention these days, eg: music video clips in recent years.

    People do anything -including criminal activity -to become popular. We – the foolish public – seems to be happy to pay for their stories.

    1. Jez Murray Avatar
      Jez Murray

      Depends on the context surely?

  16. Peter Sommer Avatar
    Peter Sommer

    the art here is that she found a way to sell herself without signing a contract

  17. Dear Lord not this retarded bitch again

  18. That baby is not naked like you said! I dare her to hold the baby naked too, if she is so comfortable with popping eggs out of her vagina, she should not have a problem with the baby popping poop on her! Hehehe

    1. Jez Murray Avatar
      Jez Murray

      Isn’t that the point tho’? Naked minors are acceptable in the works in the gallery yet not in real life?

  19. Why in heels though? Pretty sure that is making a different point entirely!

    1. Jez Murray Avatar
      Jez Murray

      It seems to me she’s making a statement that beauty is in the eye of the beholder? If we assume the subjects in the works in the gallery are portrayed as they were and considered attractive (beautiful/handsome) in their time, why is that not the case now without superficial adornments (from specific clothes/shoes to makeup to plastic surgery)?

  20. buttttshutter Avatar

    doesn’t it kinda counter act her doing this by censoring the whole thing?

  21. She is playing up to our culture’s voyeurism in order to gain exposure.
    It would be more honest if she publicly stated, “I’m only allowed to get away
    with this because I’m so beautiful.”

  22. Those breast implants are simply too large for such a slender frame. I also don’t understand such full coverage makeup. Is that part of the art? She would probably look just fine without it. This is the best narcissism presented as art that I’ve seen in a very long time.

  23. It’s exhibitionism, not art. An ugly female would be stopped and thrown out, and a male artist doing this would be arrested. This does little more than reveal the special high status and privilege that all beautiful women enjoy.

    1. Spot on. That is the true significance here. She is playing up to our culture’s voyeurism in order to gain exposure. It would be more honest for her to say, “I’m only allowed to get away with this because I’m so beautiful.”

      1. Coinoleum Avatar

        The true significance of this art is how she evokes contempt and exposes society’s unhealthy attitudes towards sex. You two losers are a prime example. Righteous complainers about this stuff are always either jealous (ugly women), sexually frustrated (ugly men or hyper-religious types who probably get sex illicitly anyway), or repressed homosexual (hyper-religious guilt ridden).

        Which are you two guys?

        1. PoRiLo Avatar

          Ad hominem. Your prejudice about the reasons you perceive they have to disdain this performance does not invalidate the point made. There is a strong side of narcissistic exhibitionism to this and a less sexual standard conforming person would have a hard time pulling this off.
          Also, careful with all that edge, you might cut yourself.

    2. Or beautiful men enjoy. Beautiful men would get kicked out by ugly men, not women. So blame men for their own insecurity.

      1. No, there’s no tolerance for any male exhibitionism in society.

        1. Trust me there is. Problem is, the ugly fat losers dude hate good looking nude men, that’s why they got ban. Example: Our politician.

        2. Heloneida Avatar

          Not in all cultures. In my culture of where I am, men are free to be exhibited and society says amen.

  24. Mateusz Nasterski Avatar
    Mateusz Nasterski


  25. Dranis Avatar

    Might have worked with a woman whose body didn’t follow the rules of today’s porn standards. Cheap shot at being an artist.

  26. To the next level. Avatar
    To the next level.

    oh wow naked in 2015. I am shocked.
    It saddens me how (usually goodlooking) artists think that nudity is provocative and interesting today.
    Courbet was painting vaginas in 1866. Yes, at that time it was indeed shocking… But today? …meh… be more creative and educated maybe.
    Try to get my attention without showing me your tits.

    1. Does it have to be shocking to be art?

      I think it’s an interesting juxtaposition when there are members walking into these galleries in order to appreciate art that features nudity, yet when a person is nude alongside those paintings they are judged differently.

      1. To the next level. Avatar
        To the next level.

        How did you conclude that from what I said?
        Ofc not, and also not the point. :P

        It could be an interesting performance, but her urge to show her body is a bit.. tοo obvious?
        I like your point of view, but I can’t get her previous works out of my mind :(

      2. >Does it have to be shocking to be art?

        No, but that’s what this crazy bitch is going for.

    2. How? by sucking your dick you rapist asshole.

  27. Konstigt2 Avatar

    Tss, why censor?

  28. ClapTrap Avatar

    face boobs is not artistic at all :)

  29. Don't worry I am a doctor Avatar
    Don’t worry I am a doctor

    And i have a boner

  30. Are fake boobs art?

  31. Lord Nikon Avatar
    Lord Nikon

    Yes it is.
    Look carefully at the paintings, she looks at. What do you see? Nudity. Sometimes it is pure but mostly it is quite erotic. What is the problem with her naked body? :)

    And yes, artists love attention. Those who paint want to focus it on their works and who makes art by their bodies wants to be in the centre of attention ;)

    1. You couldn’t sound like more of a pathetic, pretentious white knight if you tried

      1. Lord Nikon Avatar
        Lord Nikon

        If u think so, so be it.

      2. You couldn’t sound saltier if you tried.

      3. Eeek! Now, I don’t like women and I never have but to only have a Disqus account for misogny is a little more pathetic. They’re trying to take your masculinity away! The damn sluts!

      4. Coinoleum Avatar

        You are not an alpha. You are a beta B- low grade lamer. You are threatened by women. Real alphas aren’t threatened by women. This is an experiment by real alphas to root the betas out.

    2. Coinoleum Avatar

      You aren’t alpha A. You are beta B- lamer. You are threatened by women. Real alphas aren’t threatened by women. This has been an experiment by real alphas to root you betas out.

  32. I'M BATMAN Avatar

    She’s done this sort of art before. Not holding a baby. Just getting naked and walking around. It’s not art though, because we know why she does it. Fake tits and plastic surgery says it all.

  33. Alberto Solís Avatar
    Alberto Solís

    How little abstraction can art tolerate?… She could have learned how to hold a baby first, it was just plastic and superfluous in my personal opinion.

  34. Art Fucker Avatar
    Art Fucker

    Can I fuck her for art too?

    1. Don't be afraid Avatar
      Don’t be afraid

      As long as you make serious artistic mugatu faces.. you should be good. no smiling. It Has to be for Art. As soon as people sense otherwise.. they’ll become disgusted And call the police.

  35. Paolo Bubu Avatar
    Paolo Bubu

    Attention whore

    1. Your mom is.

      1. vozim Avatar

        Your mom is my whore

        1. Oh, that’s nice. But your mom work in the same place as my mom.

          Low life whore.

  36. Yves Bolduc Avatar
    Yves Bolduc


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