Snail slides across sleeping frog in slowest game of leapfrog ever

To go at a ‘snail’s pace’ is rarely considered a good thing. But when a snail decided to slide across a sleeping frog, it’s very slow and steady rate probably saved it’s life – because it didn’t wake the amphibian, which normally feasts on the molluscs. This snail enjoyed a long game of leapfrog as it took eight minutes to calmly climb over the croaker before reaching its destination.

The frog was enjoying an afternoon nap in a branch in Indonesia when the snail slid along to interrupt its snooze. The quick-thinking snail then decided the only way to reach its destination was to slide over the frog – which took an entire eight minutes.

Slow and steady wins the race: The snail decides the only way to reach its destination is to slide over the frog - which takes eight minutes

A number of green tree frogs live in the pond underneath the branch and often jump up to enjoy the shade while they sleep. Before the snail dismounted from the frog, it even appeared to turn to the camera and strike a pose before sliding back onto the branch.

Keeping quiet: The snake gently slides over the head of the sound asleep amphibian

Photographer Lessy Sebastian, from Jakarta, Indonesia, captured this rare moment in his front garden. The 49-year-old said: ‘I bought green tree frogs from a reptile store and they love playing in the pond outside my house. ‘When I went outside I noticed one of the frogs was sleeping on a branch above the pond and a snail was moving very slowly nearby.

Easy does it... The snail is one of the many types of small creatures that frogs regularly eat
Phew! The photographer says the pictures remind him of a double-decker bus

‘I couldn’t believe it when the snail started to climb up onto the frog, and it was more surprising when the frog stayed still while it slept. I immediately grabbed my camera and the snail was on his back and snapped away until the snail traveled down the frog.’

The father-of-two was thrilled with the results and is pleased when people smile his photographs. He added: ‘When I saw the photographs on my computer I was delighted with the end result – the pictures remind me of a double-decker bus. It looks like the snail and frog are good friends and everyone that has seen them loves the photographs.’

And just in case you thought the above sequence of photos was a fluke, think again. Lessy is actually quite adept at taking spectacular froggy photos, as the following show:

Photographer Lessy Sebastian has taken these beautiful images of frogs in his back garden in Jakarta, Indonesia.

A frog with a grasshopper on its head

A frog mirrored in a pond.Lessy the photographer says 'I keep these frogs in my pond and feed them every two days with crickets and grasshoppers'

A couple of frogs cuddling on a branch.

A frog on a plant in photographer Lessy Sebastian's garden

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  1. Beautiful photography! I also enjoy taking pictures of all types of animals, therefore I appreciate this kind of photography. I congratulate this photographer!

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