Street Art Painted Traffic Light Boxes in Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne’s streets and laneways have been alive with street art for a number of years now.  In the early days, however, the city had a “zero tolerance” policy in relation to this form of art, with fines and arrests not uncommon and beautiful wall murals being painted over by council workers faster than they were put up.

As Melbourne’s street art culture has evolved and street art has become a major tourist attraction for the city, it seems that street art has finally been accepted as a legitimate form of art.  And about time too!  Even the City of Yarra in Melbourne has joined the party, recently commissioning a number of the world’s most famous street artists to paint Melbourne’s traffic light signal boxes (with the assistance of Shaun Hossack from Juddy Roller).  We love it. What do you think?

Back of traffic light box by Kaffeine


Traffic light box by Ears


Front of traffic light box by Lucy Lucy


Back of traffic light box by Lucy Lucy


Traffic light box by Blo


Traffic light box “In Memory of John Brack” by Conrad Bizjak


This one’s not a traffic light box… it’s a public toilet! Work by Choq


Traffic light box by Slicer



Another traffic light box by Kaffeine. She’s been very busy!


Traffic light box by Makatron

Another traffic light box by Choq

Traffic light box by Al Mooney

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  1. The Yarra City Council are actually notoriously one of the most lax council’s in Melbourne, with less buffing and more communication not just with artists but the people on the district. It’ll be interesting to see if other areas follow suit, it seems Melbounre City Council is starting to relax it’s zero tolerance and follow the advice given years ago to leave certain areas be.

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